Wednesday, June 3, 2009

18 Months Old!

These sweet things turn 18 Months old in the morning... can you believe it?!? We sure can't. We had their 18 Month check up today and the girls got a check plus from the doctor. Tyler & Harper had a big growth spurt and are up to 31 inches tall (25th percentile up from 10th at 1 year) and Tyler weighs 20.6 lbs (5th percentile) and Harper weighs 19.8 lbs (3rd percentile). They are healthy, happy & little! 

Miss Tyler

Miss Harper

Tyler & Harper at 18 months is so much fun! They have turned into little people. The chit chat has actually started to take some meaning and they can tell us what they want, know people's names & love to repeat words we say. They have become mom's helpers and like to help "clean up" and imitate mom by carrying a pocket book while pushing their baby in the stroller. They grab the keys & say bye bye and go to put their shoes on when they are ready to go outside & play. My personal favorite is when the girls tuck their dolls into bed and say "Nigh Nigh Baby Shhh!" A year &  a half old, wow!

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