Thursday, March 4, 2010

One Month Check Up

We had Court's 1 month check up this week and he is a growing boy... up to 10 pounds even and is 21.5" long. Both in the 50th percentile... we have not seen that percentage for the girls yet, ha! I think this little boy is going to pass his sissies by his first birthday (Tyler is 23 pounds at Harper is 22 pounds at 27 months). And we did find out at his appointment that he does indeed know how to cry, one shot in the leg and he was screaming. Good to know his lungs work because we certainly rarely hear a peep out of him at home, he is a pretty content, go-with-the-flow kid who just smiles, sleeps & eats! Thank goodness. Here are some pictures from the week.

All Snuggled Up! Snow again.

Court with Aunt Jacquelyn & Uncle Jonathan
aka Nanny & Buck


Kisses from Harper

Daddy & Court

Tyler & Court in deep conversation...

One happy kid!

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