Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter is on its way...

With Easter right around the corner, we have been busy hitting up Easter Egg hunts, dying Easter eggs, hopping around like bunny rabbits & eating jelly beans faster than you have ever seen!

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt
Tyler & Harper were the first ones out on the lawn to get eggs.
They did not wait for "go"... "1,2,3" was as long as they could wait!

Stuffing candy in our mouths with Mary Brooks!

Mom, Harper, Tyler & Dad

Kisses for Baby Graham!
The girls are in love!!!

Mom & Court with Allison & Graham
These little ones were not quite old enough to collect eggs, just wait until next year!

Hanging with the Easter Bunny!

Tyler dying Easter Eggs, a huge hit!

Harper & Honey working on a special egg!

Tea Party outside, the girls take entertaining very seriously!

Playing soccer with cousins Whitley & Branch

More Easter Fun to come soon... we have 3 more egg hunts before Easter arrives!

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