Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hungry Boy!

I had the plan all along to wait as long as possible to start feeding Court solids... we have a fairly easy schedule with him & I decided adding solids would just mean more work. Apparently Court was not digging Mom's plan. After 24 hours of the little guy being pretty fussy I was convinced he had an ear infection (I did not really know what to look out for since none of our kids have had one yet!) but luckily he was just hungry. The 4 bottles a day were not cutting it anymore so we began the fun journey of baby food!

Court trying rice cereal.
If he could talk he would be saying "More, More!"

He loved it!
Eating a whole bowl for lunch & dinner in addition to his bottles.

We filled him up so much he slept for almost 14 hours!

The girls reaction to rice cereal when they were his age was not quite as enthusiastic ... see here!

And here are some pictures of Mom & Dad on our kid-free weekend away...
Elizabeth, Brooks & Katherine

Dan, Royer & Ian

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