Monday, January 30, 2012

Celebrating Courtster!

We celebrated Court turning 2 over the weekend with a family lunch. Everyone came and Court loved being the star of the show.

I made my first cake... a construction cake that the girls helped decorate. Think this may be my one & only homemade cake.

This was Court's reaction to the cake...
Not quite what we were going for.
Seems Court did not like seeing trucks that he could not play with.

The White Family

The Stafford-Wentz-Buckner crew

This one had a bit of a hangover....
Aunt Jacquelyn over-served herself the night before, ha ha!

Happy Birthday to YOU!

Make a wish!

Yea for cake!

Daddy & Tyler
Sweet Ty woke up Sunday morning with her first ear infection, a double one! A quick visit to the doctor and some "bubble gum medicine" made it all better.

Banks first cake... pretty sure it was a hit!

Court & Ebby

Opening gifts...
Daddy's old barn from when he was a child.

Court got a scooter like his big sissies!
Pants optional.

Its pretty great to be 2!


Ali said...

HOLY cake! I am tres impressed! Happy Day to Mister Smiley!

The Harveys said...

Love the Thomas boots!!! Can you ever get them off him?? Wells was adamant about those things for a while...

He's adorable. Happy 2!

Anonymous said...

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