Monday, January 2, 2012

BIG Boy!

We entered 2012 with no cribs in our house!!! Big milestone since it was not that long ago that we had three in cribs at the same time. That's right our little Court man is growing up and a big boy bed was in order. Well actually - Mommy has no patience and his bed that we had made was ready way earlier than we thought, so we just did it... and held our breath that this did not happen again!!! Night one he woke up about 2am in a panic and Mommy spent the rest of his night in his bed but since then he has been perfect. He goes down easily after a few books and some snuggles and wakes up at his normal 7:15am. He has not attempted to get out of the bed yet, he is just so proud to be just like his big sissies.

Court in his Big Boy bed

All smiles

I am the happiest kid alive!!!

Big sissies giving him a pep talk.

Yep, success!
Sound asleep.

Now potty training and talking... think those are going to be a bit more of a challenge!

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