Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy TWO!


You are TWO.

You are the sweetest little boy and have such innocence in your eyes. You are a calming influence in our house most of the time loving to cuddle up and read books or snuggle with your sisters. You are cautious. You are determined. You are always making us worry but your little smiles let us know everything will be ok. You love trucks. You love cake and could survive on eating sugary sweets alone. You love to kick a ball and “bawl” is one of your few consistent words. You are so eager to learn. You are funny, hysterical actually. You have the best laugh. You are ticklish. You have smelly feet. You are a picky eater. You make the best kiss sound. You love to dance. You want to be a big kid like your sisters. You love your dad, mom, sisters & grandparents so much. You have such a big heart. You are wonderful.

We love you. Happy TWO!

Wake up call...
a birthday wish with Daddy bright & early before he left for work.

Round 2, birthday breakfast of mini doughnuts. A family tradition.

Make a WISH!

Happy Birthday to the best brother in town!

Birthday Boy.

Happy 2!

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