Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dress Up

Dress up has been all the rage these days at the house. Harper normally gets in full costume every morning before breakfast and is all about accessorizing. Tyler loves dressing up too but always goes a little more simple with her emsembles. Add two dress up princess birthday parties this week and we have two little girls in dress up heaven.

Harper the Valentines princess & Tyler as Cinderella

Oh Happy Day.
Off to a princess party.
They asked to wear Mommy's makeup and curled hair.

Another random costume request... purple cats.

Tyler was the mastermind behind this one.

Princesses in 3-D.
A movie birthday party, super cute!

Court has been in on a lot of the dress up action lately too but I spared him the photographic evidence of his sisters dressing him like a cheerleader, a cupcake queen & a ballerina. Guess it is time to add some boy costumes to the dress up chest.

Guess who turns 2 tomorrow??? We are pretty excited!

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