Thursday, January 12, 2012

I love that...

I love that...

Court has been an amazing napper this week in his big boy bed and wakes up with crazy hair!
I love that for the first time all year Court has had his first week with no tears at preschool drop off.

I love that the girls always include Court.
Court is always invited to the top bunk for "a party" each afternoon.
I love that these 3 are best friends.

I love that Harper is so sweet and always shares anything with anybody. She is the first to let her brother ride her scooter or sleep with one of her special buddies.

I love that Tyler has turned into "Miss Manners" always saying excuse me, please & thank you, yes mam & no sir... and is very quick to point out others that do not have nice manners.
The threat of "manners school" worked like a charm!

I love that Court has learned how to sign "more" from his first speech therapy session and we learned that he is indeed not stubborn with not wanting to talk but he is simply behind because of all of his ear infections. I especially love that he is so proud of learning new ways to communicate and that he will catch up before we know it.

I love that bath time is now shower time... easiest part of the day!

I love that these 3 are pretty cool kids!

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