Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy HEART day!

Happy Valentines Day!
Our day was filled with lots of love.

Harper & her homemade Valentine
She wanted to cook something so cupcakes it was.
She is our chef & wants to help with every meal.

Tyler & her "You Rock" valentine.
She loved the "fizzy, poppy, sparkle" pop rocks
Think she earned cool points at school today.

Court & his Love Bug valentine
He is working on his "hold up your valentine & smile" move.

Close up of Court's Valentines...
Thank you Pinterest for all of the fun homemade valentine ideas!

Happy Valentines Day!!!
Wearing our cute shirts from Libby.

And my text picture to the hubby this afternoon
titled "Heaven Help Me"

It was mass chaos as the kids dug into their Valentines after school... I decided to let them eat whatever they wanted instead of our normal one piece policy. The only plus to this is all of the candy is gone... until Easter! Happy Heart Day!

And a quick trip down memory lane from Valentines past...

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