Thursday, October 4, 2012

Soccer Stars!

Better late than never!
That seems to be the motto these days.
Going on week 12 of no home and still 3 weeks out so we are in survival mode... but life goes on and our three kids certainly don't miss a beat so here we go....

The girls now have 3 saturday soccer games under their belt but these are photos from their first official game 2 weeks back. They are starting to understand the concept of playing on a team and scoring against the other team. Pretty fun to watch.

 The fireballs
1st soccer game

 Running & Running

 Seeing double
Harper & Tyler with Hayden & Brooke
2 sets of identicals born 24hrs apart

 Court wishing he was playing


 Ebby & the cheerleaders

 Love this one.
Running exactly the same.

And some house photos... 3 weeks to go!

 A lot of change from our old house...

 Last October

And a lot of progress since it was torn down.

And a sneak peek inside....

3 weeks to go!

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