Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fabulous Fall Day!

It was a fabulous fall day. Sunny skies. Warm enough to wear a dress without tights. Perfect conditions for serious leaf pile jumping!!! Our rental house we are living in while we renovate has quite the backyard. Big backyard=lots of tree=lots of hours bagging leaves for Daddy=tons of fun for the girls!



Now, that is a leaf pile!

So fun!

I love Fall!

What are you doing mom?

This shows their personality pretty well.

Where are you?!?!

I feel like the girls look 10 years old in these photos. Hard to believe this was the girls playing in the leaves just two short years ago...

Brother Court missed out on the leaf fun today since he took a marathon almost 4 hour nap. Guess the week he took off from napping finally set in and he decided to give in to his comfy crib for a little r&r!

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