Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Strawberry Pickin'

We did our annual favorite spring time activity over the weekend and went to pick strawberries! We convinced the Buckners to come and brought Ebby so we had a little fun family sunday morning. The girls knew exactly what to do and filled their basket up in no time and Court watched his sisters lead and proudly picked the juicy red strawberries wanting to do exactly what they were doing. 

The trio ready for some berry picking!

And they are off...

 Court picking away but always keeping one eye on his sisters 
to make sure he was doing the right thing. 



 Cousin Banks

 Picking away!

 Love this kid!!!

Two peas in a pod.

 Court's pants after berry picking. 
We may have squished a few berries along the way.

 Hay ride with the Mary Brooks & Neely

 Family picture... girls too into their strawberry slushies to look up!

 Buckners on the hay ride

 Getting taller this year....

 Daddy & Court

The crew.

We came home and baked our hearts out... 12 mini strawberry pies, strawberry muffins and strawberry preserves. Yum!

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