Monday, May 2, 2011

Strawberry Pickin'

Over the beautiful weekend we did one of our very favorite Spring time activities... strawberry pickin' at a local farm. The girls knew exactly what to do and we came home with lots of red juicy strawberries this year as opposed to the half eaten and green ones they picked last year. We baked 4 pies and still have some berries left over. Tyler & Harper even got a note sent home from school today noting how "Self-Expressive" they were about the strawberry patch and how they talked all day about picking berries and making pies. I would say it is one of their favorite things to do as well!

Strawberry Pickin' 2011

Harper, a perfect find!

Tyler, choices... choices!

Court in heaven playing in the dirt.

Harper hard at work.

Tyler making sure it was all red.

Off to work they go!

Court preferred this as opposed to strawberry pickin'

Our little berries!

Yum, taking down a fresh strawberry juice drink.

Court & Graham with the tractor

Girls getting taller. 3' at 3 years old

Wagon ride with girlfriend Leighton

Mommy & Tyler

And now.... PIE time. The girls are so into cooking...
Washing the berries.

Pouring the sugar

Mashing the berries


Yummy! Homemade Strawberry Pie.

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