Saturday, May 21, 2011

Say Cheese!

We had a family photoshoot a few weeks back... it had been on the calendar for months and was a fellow blogger photographer coming to our area for 24 hours. Go figure the morning we were scheduled sweet Court had an ear infection and a fever. We almost cancelled but decided to power through. Our can't-get-a-smile-off-your-face kid was not so smiley but perked up a bit towards the end of the shoot for a sugary treat. Here are a few highlights from the day....

Family of 5

Harper & Tyler

Tyler, Court & Harper

Kisses for Daddy!

Sweet Sissies!

Sweet Court

The best of friends!

Say cheese!

Kiss, kiss!

Sweets for our sweeties.

And a series of Court, sugar is the way to this little guy's heart...

Think he enjoyed it?

Happy parents!

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