Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Court Cuteness

Back by popular demand.... a little Court cuteness.
16 months and full of energy.

Favorite Place to be: In Mommy's lap. He will knock Tyler & Harper out to get to the best seat in the house!
Favorite Food: Ice Cream! Milkshakes are a regular for our itty bitty. Just shy of 20 lbs he is on a high calorie diet of yumminess!
Favorite Book: Farm Animals and Fancy Nancy (with 2 older sisters what do you expect?)
Favorite Mode of transportation: Walking!!!!
Favorite thing to do: Bounce. On the bed, on the floor, on the trampoline. You name it, the kid bounces on it.
Nicknames: Goose, Crab (he has a mighty pinch), Buddy & Baby Court (yep, the girls still can't say his name without saying Baby in front of it)

I could go on, but I will let the pictures do the talking now....

Court, 16 Months

Our confident walking boy!

Hanging out on the firetruck.
He loves trucks of any kind. Can't say the word yet (well can't really say any words ~ late bloomer we have here) but he certainly grunts a lot when ever we see a truck.

Cupcake time at the Firetruck party.

Loving his little seat.

Favorite play time... all his cars, trucks & buses.
Must be a boy thing, the girls have never had any interest for anything with wheels.

Sweet boy up from a nap. Fluffy hair & flushed cheeks!

Sweetest little toes. And yes, he finally is starting to have a small interest in his blanket. We may have a lovey in the making.

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