Sunday, May 15, 2011


Mom & Dad were transported straight back to our childhood this weekend when we took a trip to the Rol-A-Rink (same one Daddy used to skate at back in the day!). It was hysterical to say the least. The girls thought it was so cool and caught on pretty quickly. Court came along for the ride and loved the music & lights.

Rol-A-Rink, has not changed a bit since Daddy used to come.

Tyler all ready to go.

Harper ready to get her skate on!

Harper & Tyler
Age 3 1/2 , first time roller skating

The cutest mini skates I have ever seen.

And they are off!

Court cruised along with Honey.

Tyler & Daddy, wheee!

Mommy & Harper

Tyler, 3 going on 13.

Harper doing it all by herself!

And an orange crush slushie to end the night.

Harper not leaving a sip behind.

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