Sunday, May 27, 2012

Last Day of School!

This school year went SO FAST! They all grew so much and changed so much. They made friends, they learned letters, Tyler & Harper's differences in their personalities really became evident, Court finally gained some independence in the last month of school and actually walked in without crying for Mommy- only took him 7 months to get used to the place, they each loved their teachers so much, they created amazing art projects and they had fun. A great school year!!!

 First Day of Preschool 2011, 8 short months ago

 After 3 days of this... movies, naps, cuddle time due to the stomach bug all three were ready for their last day of school.
 Last Day of preschool 2012... a bit disheveled, hair brushed- probably not, there on time- doubtful, all running down the hall to their classroom so excited- absolutely!

Sweet Sisters. I asked them what their favorite thing was from school this year.... both responded being in the same class. One more year of 24 hr togetherness then off to the big leagues for Kindergarten (where being in the same class is not an option, shhhh... don't tell them!)

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