Thursday, February 17, 2011

Playdoh & Parties

Today was new play-doh day... play-doh does not have a long shelf life around here but it is certainly one of their very favorite things! At Target this morning the girls picked out their own colors and spent a solid 2 hours this afternoon playing with it while Court was napping. Win for mommy (girls were occupied playing nicely), Win for the girls (new play-doh is way more fun than old play-doh) and Win for Court (quiet sissies so he could snooze!)

Mixing the colors together.

Yippee for play-doh

Very short shelf life around here....

And this past weekend we celebrated good buddy Graham turning 2!
Court playing at the gym.

Tyler in the swing.

Harper getting a push from sissy.

Court & girlfriend Leighton.

The birthday boy!
Happy 2 Graham.

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