Friday, July 17, 2009

Reading "buhs" at our table

Tyler (L) & Harper (R)

Daddy posting on the blog here... The girls have turned into little book worms.  Or as they say it "buh".  They are getting ready for pre-school (starting in a few weeks) by practicing their colors & shapes! They can say the colors now but haven't mastered which is which quite yet. But they LOVE to read and be read to.  Honey refinished a table I had growing up which as turned into one of their favorite spots to sit and read "buhs".  

We are looking forward to a short trip to Atlanta to see good friends this weekend.  Thanks in advance to the babysitting crew - Ebby and Russ on the first leg, Honey and Pop on the second. We will miss the girls, but are excited about a date night back in our old stomping ground.

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