Wednesday, November 4, 2009

23 Months Old!

The girls are 23 months old today... and are just so stinkin' cute! They adore each other and are constantly hugging, holding hands & kissing! They love having a twin sissy around all of the time.
Harper (L) & Tyler (R)
At 23 Months the girls are so fun & sweet!
Pre-school has done wonders... they listen better, talk all of the time & say the blessing before meals. Too cute!

Tyler has become our "little mom" always telling Harper "careful" & "sit down". She is always looking out for her. And our Harper is the daredevil who always asks for "more high" when she is in the swing and runs at mock speed. Although she will try anything, Harper is our scaredy-cat and looks to mom or dad when she gets spooked (think vacuum cleaner and any other loud noise!). They are 2 peas in a pod and are the best of friends!

New at 23 Months:
Asking for what they want to eat. Normally rice, pancakes or grilled cheese!
Making lots of new friends. Mary Brooks & Elle top the list right now of who they talk about.
Jumping up & down with both feet leaving the ground!
Singing the ABC's.
Requesting what books they want to read at night. Normally the choo-choo book which Dad had added lots of fun special sound effects to!

Harper & Tyler checking out baby #3's new digs...
New Toy Bin = Great new place to play!

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