Friday, January 22, 2010

Get the Sillies Out!

We have been spending lots of time around the house lately... this is not the norm over here. By 10am on days the girls are not in school we are always out on the town doing fun activities and playing. Well, these days Mom is not 100% and chasing two toddlers is close to impossible at 39 weeks pregnant. So, we have been sticking close to home and surprisingly the girls have been perfectly content just playing together in the house while they get the sillies out!

Tyler (L) & Harper (R)
Playing a little dress up...
sunglasses, silly hats, swimsuits...
you name it we have been having fun being very "fancy nancy"!



And when I asked the girls what they wanted for a snack after naps &
they said "sprinkles!!!"
... well, why not?
Miss Tyler

Miss Harper

We love being silly together!

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