Sunday, February 7, 2010


We have had a revolving door of visitors over the past few days. Lots of grandparents, great grandparents & friends eager to come meet our newest bundle! Court slept and ate his way through the visits while the girls proudly showed off their new baby brother.


Honey came to help for a few days!

Meeting Poppy

Court & his God Parents, Leigh & Oliver!

One tired mama!
This little boy sure eats a lot.

Meeting Grumpa & Libby

Tyler & Harper with the Stafford crew

Harper & her baby Coco
Coco gets burped, diaper changes & bottles just as often as little bro!

Great Grandmother Bobo & Court

Tyler & her baby
She takes this big sis role very seriously!
He gets no less than 50 kisses & hugs from her a day.

Little man.
He is pretty laid back and just goes with the flow, thank goodness!

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