Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer Days!

So much for lazy summer days... I think we are busier than ever. Summer camps, playdates, sprinklers & cool treats. We have had a great week! The girls had camp all week which was fun for them and Court had some quality Mommy time. Here are some photos from the week....

Its a twin thing.... always sharing!

Pretty cool to have a best friend around 24/7!

Grumpa comes to visit.
The boys... Court & Grumpa.

Grumpa & the ladies...
Harper, Tyler & Banks

All smiles.

Court's favorite summer dish... Corn on the Cob!

And I have started to notice our kids are strange.... silly & strange....
Found at 11pm like this in her bed.

Found at 1pm in Mom's bed as Frosty the Snowman.

And Court.
Found at 9am in his hand me down girly shades... his favorite.
I think we have a movie star in the making....

Lights, Camera...


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