Friday, July 8, 2011

Family Photos

We take a lot of pictures which you can tell from the blog, but at the beach we take A LOT of pictures. Lots of wonderful family memories we want to capture. With a professional photographer in the family we always have one night of family beach photos... Enjoy the shots from my camera~

The Family.

Jacquelyn & Banks. Meb & Court. Elizabeth & Tyler and Harper.

Sweet Daddy Buck & Banks.

Ebby & Poppy

The Cunninghams.

Jonathan, Russ & Ian.

The Wentz crew.

Rob, Jill & Ricky Bobby
(he is a celebrity... check him out!)

The Whites.

The Buckners.

Jacquelyn, Meb & Elizabeth.

Ian & Elizabeth.

Rob & Jill.

The Whites... working on a Christmas card photo!

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