Sunday, September 2, 2012

Meeting the Teachers

Its that time of year again.... meeting the teachers before the exciting first day back at school that is just a few days away! 

 Tyler, Court & Harper
Walking into the WDS

 Court with his 2's teachers.
Ms. Kathy & Ms. Sydney, same Ms. Kathy the girls had a few years back. Pretty sure Court will have his teachers wrapped around his little finger before we know it.

 Court settling right in playing with trucks.
We have been talking a big game about Court being a big boy and not crying at school this year. Wish us luck next week!

5 day 5's class 
Tyler in Green & Harper in pink
Big girls in the upstairs of the WDS
So excited to start the new year and already picking out their own unique outfits and insisting on brushing their own hair... Growing up!

The girls with their new teachers Mrs. Russack & Mrs. Pratt
This is going to be a pretty amazing year for these two girls!

And yes we have been MIA lately and the blog posts have become far & few between but we are approaching week SEVEN of not having a home base. And we are a few more weeks out from the new house being ready. So bear with us... hopefully life will return to normal in the next few weeks once we get into our new home & finally get settled and actually get to unpack then the blog posts will happen more often!!!

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