Friday, August 13, 2010

Funny Friday

Its been a long week so we have decided to spend the day at home... these 3 sure know how to have fun together. The girls love to have Court sit & play with them. They are very into showing their baby bro what sounds animals make and Court just dies laughing. And the girls are in their own world when they are together playing, it is hilarious to hear what they talk about. Here is their early morning conversation I heard over the monitor this morning:
Harper: "Ty Ty, I am awake are you awake?"
Tyler does not answer so Harper asks again and Tyler finally answers, "Yes, I am awake. Just a little awake, not big wake" then Harper says "Ok, peace out." Thank you Aunt Jacquelyn for their new lingo.

Court in the jumperoo
He has not quite gotten the hang of jumping in it yet.... the girls were jumping through the roof at this age. Court is very chill, not into moving very much yet. Good for Mommy!

Hey Mommy!

Early morning playtime in Court's crib....

Hmm, its not even 11am and the girls have already had 2 popsicles, they are still in their pj's and I just overheard a conversation about teaching Coco to go pee pee in the potty. Better go!

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