Monday, August 9, 2010

Life & Loss

I have been back & forth about when to blog again.... just yesterday we lost a dear, dear friend after a courageous, dignified, and graceful fight against cancer at the age of 29. Neil was such a fortunate person to have loved, and to be loved by, so many. We will miss her dearly. She adored our blog and checked it often so this one is for her...

We have been out & about on the town lately... nothing too exciting, just life. Life with 3 kids 2 1/2 and under is wild, exhausting & so rewarding. The girls are at a great age where each day is filled with laughs, funny stories, lots of telling on each other and some sweet hugs & kisses for mom, dad & baby court.

Recently the girls spent the day with Aunt Jacquelyn & Uncle Buck... the girls think they are super cool. These two have taught the girls things, lots of things that Mom & Dad would not have even considered teaching them, one being skateboarding....
Uncle Buck & Tyler

Harper, hang five

Potty break on the corner of Queens Road...
2 minutes from home & "No Mom I cannot hold it, going now."

Playdate at Yoforia
Carson, Wells, Tyler & Harper

And somehow there are no pictures of the little guy on the camera... that is probably because he is always in the baby bjorn on mommy. He loves the view & is still just as chill as he always has been, but with added high pitch squeals now. He loves to hear himself. It is precious!

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Donna said...

Such sweer pics. So sorry about your dear friend...and you are right, life does go on. If you have time read "Who Old Me?" -Laughter Amid Sorrow, a blog post written by an 80 year old couragous lady who just lost her husband to Alzheimer's this week. She says it best! To celebrate life and appreciate every you do with your darling 3 babes!