Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Playing Catch Up....

Looks like it is time for a little blog catch up... we have been pretty busy this past week packing up the house we have lived in for the past 6 years. We have never moved with kids before & it is quite the task! Its a little bittersweet to be moving out of the house all 3 kids came home to from the hospital but at least we will be coming back in 10 months or so to a new & improved house we will spend many, many years in. In between packing boxes, this is what we have been up to...

Cruisin' on the power wheels...

A little gardening....

Helping Ebby feed Banks her bottle.

Kissin' on cousin Banks

A visit to Daddy's work, "the castle" is what the girls call it.
Don't blame them.

Checking out the trading floor.

Working the phones.

Helping Daddy at work.

Playing silly dress up!

Tyler in the dance recital, she was so proud!

Harper in the dance recital, she was pretty terrified!

Yard work with Daddy.

Having so much fun!!

And finally playing games during quiet time. Hi Ho Cherry-o!

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