Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer of Summer Camps!

This has been the summer of summer camps for the girls. When our toes have not been planted in the sand at the beach, Tyler & Harper have been in camp. They have done everything from gymnastics to art, bible camps galore to spanish camp. These two have not stopped!

Camp Gabe
Teddy Bear performance

Showing off their art project from VCC

But with all of this fun has come minor injuries...
Harper shut down the gym at camp one day due to a uncontrollable bloody nose.

Tyler came home with her first fat lip from a gym injury.

And not to be left out Court is working on eating as many markers as possible this summer to see if Mommy will freak out and call Poison control.
Oh & he got his first scraped knee... no idea how we made it this long.

So, when Mommy offered up to the girls to raise your hand if you want to skip camp today and stay home with Mommy they happily obliged and we spent the day together.

Then they were put to work packing boxes for the move!

We still have 3 more camps to go... I think next summer we will try to not be so over scheduled so we can enjoy the lazy summer days! But for this summer I am enjoying seeing all of the new art projects they come home with, the new songs they are singing, the new words they are learning in Spanish and the new dance moves they are picking up along the way.

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