Friday, April 3, 2009

16 Months Old

The girls are 16 Months Old (tomorrow!) The best way to describe Tyler & Harper at 16 months is curious, destructive & happy! The girls are into everything these days and are really into cause & effect. For instance hearing Mommy scream when she turns around to see shoes or Daddy's underwear floating in the toilet. They laugh and love a reaction. Its hard to get mad when you hear their cute giggles. They are so quick you can't even blink before they are into the next thing. 

They are suddenly picking up lots of new words. Their favorite activity is pointing to body parts and saying their name. The girls now point out toes, eyes, ears, teeth, mouth & belly button (Harper's favorite part!).  The girls are so excited about pointing to things that sometimes they poke a little too hard which is what happened this morning when we ended up at the doctor. Tyler was very excited to point out Harper's eye and poked a little too hard so now she has a red bruised eye ball. Poor thing. Hopefully a little rest & some ice cream will have her healed in no time.

Here are some pictures of Tyler tickling Harper's toes this week at breakfast. They love making each other laugh and Mom & Dad love watching them make each other laugh. 

You can see Harper's 2 drinks (milk & pediasure) on her tray from breakfast. That is because they were both prescribed a high calorie diet since their last weigh in showed them dropping off the chart. We are convinced it is their non stop activity... they literally do not sit still except to sleep. The doctors say they are probably just going to be petite (both are under 20 pounds by at least a pound) so we were told to bring on the butter, cheeseburgers & ice cream! I think the girls are going to like that!!! 

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mint said...

Your little girls are sooooooo cute!!!