Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Discovery Place

Since it is raining here today we spent the morning playing in the toddler room at Discovery Place. The girls left no corner unturned & explored every square inch of this fun place. The room is pretty contained so I normally just let them run free so their imaginations can go wild. Below is what Tyler & Harper got into...

Splashing at the water table

Harper splished & splashed!

Tyler loved pouring the water

Harper checks out the truck

Harper gets busy on the farm

Tyler was very into the animals today 
(they make sounds when you push the button)
The cow says moo!

The horse says neigh!

The pig says oink oink!

Harper in the Construction Zone

Tyler plays in the elephants ear

Harper checks out the elephant's trunk

Mom & Harper

Playing with the dolls!

It was funny seeing the things they liked to do together & the activities they were interested in doing on their own. The girls definitely have their own personalities that make them unique. 

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