Monday, April 6, 2009

Quick Trip

We took a quick trip back home this weekend to surprise Great Grandmother Bobo for her birthday! To celebrate we went to church, brunch & to the park to play. 

Stafford Family Photo outside of the Church
Great Grandmother Bobo was honored for her 50 years
 of dedication to the Alter Guild.
T & H lasted about 10 minutes of the service...
then spent the rest of the time playing outside with Mom & Aunt Jac

Heading to Brunch
Great Aunt Barbara quacked like a duck
 to get the girls to look at the camera.
A great trick Mom & Dad will be using in the future!

Playing around with cousin Stafford!

The girls loved ringing the ladybug bell.

Playing in the playhouse with Grumpa.

A quick trip home but the girls loved being the center of attention once again and loved seeing family we don't see too often! I'm sure we will go back soon.

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