Sunday, December 6, 2009

Birthday Party, The Grand Finale!!!

Double the laughter, Double the cake
We are having a party we hope you can make!

Clowns, Balloons, Face Painting & More
Lunch, Cupcakes & Treats Galore!

The cupcakes, yum yum!

Family Shot
Mommy, Tyler (and Baby Boy at 32 weeks!) and Dad & Harper

The birthday girls!

They are not exactly alike...
Harper loved the clown, while Tyler was terrified!

Let the show begin...

Harper helped with the magic!

The Whites & Corky the Clown

Watching Mommy help with a magic trick.

Its time to eat some cake!

Happy to you girls!!!



Two very happy two year olds!!!

The favors.

And here are some more pictures if you wish!!!

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