Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

We thought Halloween was a fun holiday... well that has nothing on Christmas! The girls are smitten with Santa! Tyler & Harper sing along to Christmas carols, say "Merry Christmas" and love to spot snowmen, reindeer & Christmas trees around town.

We all went to get our tree and the girls just ran and smiled their way through the lot until we found the perfect tree...



Tyler running through the trees!

Harper getting a ride on Daddy's shoulders.

In Santa's sleigh!

Tyler telling Santa "Ho, Ho Ho!"

Harper looking out for "Snowman"
She walks around everyday saying "More Snowman!"

And to make it even better... Ebby came over with a tree just for Tyler & Harper's room. A special kid tree with non-breakable ornaments & just the right height for the girls to decorate!
Checking out their new tree...

Harper hanging ornaments!

Tyler getting into it!

They were all about having their own tree they could decorate.

Their special tree will be a tradition we will do every year!
Merry Christmas girls... 24 more days of fun to go!

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