Thursday, December 3, 2009

Birthday Party, Take 1

The festivities have begun.... Tyler & Harper are turning 2! We are ready to celebrate!

The girls celebrated their birthday (round 1) at Honey & Pop's house. Lots of family came to celebrate: Mom, Dad, Grumpa, Libby, Bobo, Mama Lou, Jane, Gigi, Papoo, Aunt Kristin, Honey & Pop were there to start off the fun!

Happy Birthday to you!

Harper blowing out her 2 candles!

Tyler blowing out her 2 candles!

Yea for cake!
The girls sing "Happy to you" as their own version of Happy Birthday.

Opening gifts! Lots of fun new toys to play with!!!

Checking out our new baby nursery from BB & Missy!
The girls love being little mothers taking care of their babies!

Hanging in our new playhouse from Honey & Pop.

Onto Round 2....

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