Wednesday, May 26, 2010

4 Months

Our sweet Court is already 4 months old... he had his check up this morning and got a great report. A happy, healthy baby. 24" long (20%) & 14 1/2 pounds (40%) and full of giggles and smiles for the doctor. Tyler & Harper had to tag along because they were behind on a few shots, so 9 shots between the 3 kids meant a lot of tears. Luckily Ebby came along to comfort and pass out treats.

4 Months

Always smiling!

Meanwhile the girls have been
requesting lots of popsicles to cool off in the heat...
Harper (L) & Tyler (R)
2 1/2 years old

Fun at the park with our buddies...
Sophia, Harper, Mary Brooks & Tyler

Pre-school gets out tomorrow... Mommy may be in tears then!

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