Thursday, May 6, 2010

"Muffers" Day Surprise

Business as usual around here. Preschool, Playgroups, Playdates... enjoying all of the structure until summer arrives!

Court, 3 1/2 Months
I could eat him up!

A rare sighting... Harper & Little Bro! Tyler loves him but Harper generally says "Baby Court stay home or Mommy no hold Baby Court." Occasionally she will cuddle up with him and I was quick enough to get a photo today.

The girls brought home sweet potted plants today from school. They painted the pots then planted the flowers. They told me they were for "Muffers Day" Too sweet!
Harper said "for you mommy"

Harper already doing what she does best... picking the flowers.
Our backyard is bare of blooms these days!

Tyler, so proud of her special flowers!

Big Day for Court... 2 naps in his own crib. A first, he liked it and Mom was super productive. And since he has learned how to get out of his swaddle, guess we will be moving onto a sleep sack soon. Hope our good sleeper stays at good sleeper. Fingers crossed!

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