Sunday, May 9, 2010

The new "Breakfast in Bed"

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there.

The girls and I decided to let mommy sleep in this morning for her special day. A couple more hours of sleep goes a long way these days and was top on mommy's wish list. I decided I would do my part to use up some of the strawberries we picked this weekend so french toast with fresh strawberry sauce it was! As you can see, breakfast in bed for mom these days might as well be family picnic. I think the girls enjoyed the morning as much as mom did. After breakfast we headed out to run some errands and to grab lunch. Pretty much a normal Sunday for the crew. We ended the day with Ebby, Poppy, Nanny, and Buck joining us for a Mother's Day dinner. All in all a pretty good Sunday.

We spent this Mother's Day doing what we normally do on weekends... spending time as a family. Mom always does such a great job juggling everything its nice to have a day when we can do a little to help out. We are very grateful for all she does and constantly amazed at how easy she makes it all look. I am sure the girls and Court would agree we have one of the best moms around.

We all love you very much! Happy Mother's Day.

Dad, Tyler, Harper, Court and Pearce

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