Thursday, September 23, 2010

8 Months Old

Baby Court, you are 8 Months Old!
(well, close enough)
What are you doing these days?

You are still the happiest baby in town!
All you do is smile & giggle.
It actually is hard to get a picture of you not smiling.
You are starting to make more sounds... "Da Da & Bla Bla" are your favorites.

Everything goes in your mouth, everything!!!
You have 2 teeth on the bottom & your 2 top teeth have just started coming in.
You LOVE to eat...
Favorites are goldfish, ritz crackers, any kind of fruit, peas, grilled cheese and some baby food. You prefer big boy food over the mushy baby stuff. You have tried cake & could not get enough (Mommy was nice enough to share on her birthday!)

Your sisters are still your favorite thing!
You love their video monitor and can spend a long time listening to their voices coming out of it. They are nice to you (most of the time) but you can certainly get your feelings hurt by them. If they take the toy you are playing with or if they push you over you cry the most pitiful cry because your feelings are hurt. We think you are going to be very sensitive!

You have rolls over most of your body & the cutest chubby cheeks.
Mommy loves your fat roll on your foot, its super cute!
According to our un-scientific measurement you weigh 18 pounds (which is a pound more than your sisters weighed at 1 year!)

You are not moving an inch!
Good boy, you know Mommy can't handle a crawler right now.
You prefer to watch Sesame Street with your sisters.
You don't even blink your eyes when it is on!

You are the most precious sweet baby!
You complete our family & we thank God for you every day.


Donna said...

What a happy baby!!! Love the green bubble outfit!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm just wondering where you get your kids clothes from?

Love your blog:D You have beautiful kids:)

Love from Norway!
- Astrid