Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 4 Update

Warning to all grandparents... there are no pictures of the kids in this post!

So, here we are at day 4 of our 10 Day Pledge of no processed foods for our family of 5! To be honest this is much harder than we thought it would be... its a lot of work, a lot of chopping, a lot of grocery shopping! In the past 4 days we have been to 3 different grocery stores, 1 farmers market & 1 local bakery for our bread. We are still in... 6 days to go. Can we make it?!?!?

Here is what we have been eating lately...

Homemade Grilled Pimento Cheese on Great Harvest's Honey Wheat Bread (the only bread that we have found that is allowed!), Apples & Fresh Ground Almond Butter

Chicken Fajitas (without tortillas)
Lets be honest... I have 3 young kids, I am not making my own tortillas so we went without!

Girls Breakfast
Ants on a log, shredded wheat & kiwi
The girls eat like birds on a daily basis, we are not starving them I promise~

PB & J Smoothie, so yummy!

BLT Sandwich with Sauteed squash

So, the basic rules are: Eat foods that are whole (a product of nature.) All meat has to be locally raised, anything pre-packaged must contain 5 ingredients or less (triscuits, shredded wheat & an earth fare brand of whole wheat pretzels qualify!), no sugar (none at all), no condiments allowed unless you are up for making your own ketchup (which I am not), etc. But wine is allowed!!! You can read all of the rules on the site if you are up for doing this.

Confession #1: The girls were given goldfish at school for a snack, I decided not to be the crazy mom & did not say anything.

Confession #2: Court ate some yo-baby yogurt (more than 5 ingredients) this morning and loved every minute of it!

Confession #3: Mommy had some french onion soup out at dinner the other night with my approved no processed foods salad. After asking about 10 other things on the menu that all in fact had sugar or were not local I just ordered the soup and did not ask... pretty sure it had sugar in it, it was good!

Confession #4: Dad is still drinking his recovery drinks after his long runs in the morning. Per marathon training dad, there is just no way to avoid these recovery drinks that contain a bazillion things...

Confession #5: The girls have a birthday party tomorrow, pretty sure they will be eating a cupcake & we are ok with this!

But this is it... the only slip-ups. We are doing the best we can and are pretty proud of our progress so far. We will keep you posted...

Pictures of the cuties to come this weekend....

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Donna said...

My mouth is WATERING!! mmmm
(your house will be so healthy!!