Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dance Party

If these photos could speak, they would be very LOUD! Dance Parties are a nightly thing around here... a burst of energy, 2 wild girls, one stunned brother, a barking chihuahua and 2 shocked parents wondering if they will ever go to bed, make for a loud house.

Dance Party!


A little ring around the rosy!

Getting Coco into the groove.

Wild Girls!

Meanwhile Court takes it all in...
Mommy trying to bribe Court to crawl, or at least move a little.
Nope, he just smiles.
This sparkly gem got Tyler and Harper both on the move.

Court decided a Nilla wafer was more fun than crawling.

Can't blame him!

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Anonymous said...

tyler I love your dress , nice n short so it's easy to get my hand up inside and in the front of your panties