Tuesday, November 9, 2010

9 Months

Mommy finally got around to taking the little guy to the doctor for his 9 month checkup, just about 2 weeks late. A great report and his 2 sisters even scored stickers for good behavior. It was a little sad realizing the next scheduled appointment for him will be when he is ONE! This last baby's "baby time" is going by too quick. Good thing Aunt Jacquelyn will have a new one for us to snuggle with in just a few months.

Court, 9 Months
18 1/2 lbs
27" long
20-25th percentile for both.
He already trumped his big sisters size at this age though!

Eating everything with his 6 teeth.
Seriously considering crawling.
Contagious Laughter!
And sweet Court did not even cry with his shots today.
The girls were all excited to hear Court cry so they could give him hugs & kisses but he did not even make a peep. He just flirted with the nurses batting his long lashes and scrunching up those precious chipmunk cheeks.

Haper & Tyler
Showing off their new face when I say "Cheese"

Tyler, almost 3

Harper, almost 3

Pearce, the forgotten one. Just over 7.


Donna said...

Poor Pearce!! Good baby report...Court's getting so big and adorably smiley!!!

Brooke Hall said...

we go for our appointment tomorrow.. about 2 weeks late as well! that is hysterical about pearce! can't wait to see court today!

A Perfect Gray said...

adorable. each one. what a precious family you have.

and thank you for the jute recommendation....I just might have to check that out.

Thanks! Donna