Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Its beginning to look a LOT like Christmas...

We went this past weekend & got our Christmas tree. The girls were wild running through the lot at full speed weaving in & out of the trees. Court just had wide eyes the whole time taking it all in and wanting to touch the prickles with one finger. Its going to be a magical Christmas season.

Hanging in the sleigh.

Running WILD!

Court & Daddy.

Putting on a show.
These 2 attract a lot of attention when we go out (think its a twin thing) but they certainly love all eyes on them.


Mommy & Court.
He learned how to wave bye-bye and it is just precious.

Harper telling what she wants Santa to bring her for Christmas.
She has had some odd requests...

Tyler loving the reindeer.

Daddy & his crew

Next up... decking the halls!

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