Tuesday, September 6, 2011

1st Day of Pre-School

The first day of pre-school is here! I cannot believe all three are in school this year. The girls are in 4 days a week and Court is in 2 days a week. Everyone was up bright and early this morning ready for a new school year to begin.

Court, Age 19 months
Toddlers Class

Tyler & Harper, Age 3 3/4
Preschool 3's Class

Best Friends!
They were all smiles going into their new classroom this morning.

Court trying to carry his school bag.
Trucks in hand, ready to go!

Court, Tyler & Harper
It was a little bittersweet packing up three school totes this morning.

All TEARS today!
Cried when I dropped him off and cried when I picked him up.
Hoping Thursday is better for our little guy.

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