Wednesday, September 14, 2011

'Bob'sey twins, take 2!

After the girls insisting all summer that they wanted long hair like Mommy, there has finally been a change in the way they feel and they both have declared that short hair is cool. Mommy was a little hesitant but finally made the call & booked an appointment to see Aunt Jacquelyn for some bobs, take 2. This time without the bangs, not making that mistake again!!!

Harper left & Tyler right

Court along for the ride... 1pm is official nap time but he went with the flow.

This cut was the first wash & dry they have had.

How wonderful to have an identical twin....
Harper's "after" & Tyler's "before"
Pretty cool to see what you are going to look like.

Tyler getting her wash on!

Court still hanging...
Bribing with chocolate at nap time was probably not the best idea.

Loving it!

New haircuts for a new school year!

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