Monday, September 12, 2011

Bunk Bed Fun!

One of the fun things about moving into our rental for the renovation has been the addition of new bunk beds for the girls! They love them and Court loves them too!

Court hanging in Tyler's bed

Harper playing around!

Court cuddling up with Harper & Coco
This kid would love to be in a big boy bed... one day bud!

Happy Tyler

Double bunks...
the only way to solve the problem of who gets top bunk and who gets bottom.

But where did they come from??? They are actually from the lake house where Daddy and Uncle Brandon & Aunt Kristin used to sleep on them growing up. A little TLC from Mom, Dad, Honey and the girls over the summer and they are just perfect for the girls and the new house (when we move back in!)

Painting by Mom

Sanding by Dad

And some good old fashioned bare bum scrubbing by Tyler & Harper!

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