Monday, May 4, 2009

17 Months Old

Tyler & Harper are 17 months old today... we can't believe it. That just sounds so old! Our sweet girls are very talkative these days, energetic & so full of life. The new cute thing the girls do is when they look in the mirror they don't say their own name they say their sister's! Harper says "Ty Ty" and Tyler says "Parper"... this is also the same for when they look at pictures of themselves. Its just precious to hear & makes sense because they look just alike. 

17 Months Old

Tyler Elizabeth White
*Claps her hands really loud when we go somewhere she likes
*Prefers to run instead of walk taking lots of mini steps at record speed
*Loves dogs and can spot them from miles away

Harper Hutchens White
*Adores her sister! Wants her Ty Ty to be by her side at all times.
*Prefers bare feet & mud in between her toes
*Loves her doll baby Coco and puts her night-night with a blankie

We went to the park this morning to play with Aunt Jacquelyn... here are some more pictures from our day at the park.

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