Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tag Along Trip

Daddy had a work trip so all his girls decided to tag along! Great idea, right? Not really! Sleeping in the cribs at the hotel proved to be quite a disaster. Screaming & Crying from 1-4 am each night caused us to cut the trip short and head home around midnight last night. Besides the sleeping arrangements the trip was really fun & the girls loved having extra time to play with Daddy!

First night sleeping in a hotel!

Harper (L) & Tyler (R)

They would lean across and give each other kisses & hold hands

Loved their cribs being so close!

Right as we arrived at the beach a cold front moved in & our plans of days in the pool & running on the beach were quickly replaced with indoor activities.... SC Aquarium was the first stop. 

The girls were mesmerized by the fish!

Tyler & the jellyfish

Harper & her own reflection, looking at the sting rays

Next stop the SC Children's Museum...

The girls loved drawing on the easel!

Tyler blowing the bubbles

Tyler & Harper in the giant bubble... loved it!

Harper playing peek-a-boo

We may not be invited back next year with Daddy but the girls had a blast despite the sleep deprivation.

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