Sunday, May 3, 2009

Daddy's 1st Marathon

Daddy ran in his first marathon this weekend! 
We all went to cheer him on...

Tyler & Harper Pre-Race

Wiggle Worms... all they wanted to do was run around!

Tyler claps for the finishers!

Harper is so proud! Clap clap!

Yea! Go runners!
The girls loved all of the clapping & cheering (at first)!

Here comes Daddy... mile 26!

He picked up 2 very important ladies for the last .2 miles!

Tyler got a little freaked out by all of the yelling and cheering.

Crossing the finish line with the twins in tow.

Congrats Daddy on your 1st Marathon!

Dad did the marathon & Aunt Kristin did the 5k

This is how Dad spent the rest of the day!

We have some video footage of the girls at the celebration following the marathon. We will get it up soon. We have some entertainers on our hands!

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